The Website Installer located in our siteHostel Website Control Panel will provide you with an easy and fast way to set up a brand new site using a custom design within a few min’s. It merely requires merely a few easy steps for your new website to be on the Internet. You are able to make a choice from over two hundred customizable web themes and as soon as everything is prepared, you’ll be able to manage your brand–new web site with a click of the mouse. We’ll send you logon details for the administration area and you should be able to start adding new web pages instantly. If, anytime, you need help – siteHostel’s tech team members will be available night and day, happy to help you along.

The Website Installer is available with every Linux website hosting, Linux VPS, Linux semi-dedicated hosting, and Linux dedicated hosting package coming with the siteHostel Website Control Panel.

A Website Installer For All

Build a new site without having any tech capabilities

The webpage installer bridges the space between technically non–prepared users and complex web site production and design. Making use of the application, you simply won’t need to possess any expertise in HTML or CSS. You are going to simply need to decide how your web site is going to appear like and click on the installation button in the application. That’s it. And then, you are able to incorporate brand new web pages and add your own pictures with merely a mouse click. No program code to write, no design to work on. Everything is taken care of through the user–friendly application in the background and is also done in a few minutes.

If, for whatever reason, you’re not happy about what you have done, you can always undo the modifications and start again.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

Hundreds of Web–site Templates

Over 200 web page templates are readily available

We have produced over two hundred distinct web themes that you can use to your web sites. Because we have never introduced these themes outside of our own Website Control Panel, solely siteHostel’s clients will be able to make the most of them. The website templates are diligently created to match all sorts of web sites – from private blogs and portfolio sites to online shops and image galleries.

We are regularly focusing on issuing brand new themes also.

200+ Free Templates

Night–and–day Assistance Service

Get in touch with us for assistance at any time

Our tech support department boasts a substantial experience with hosting and is happy to assist you with any sort of issues you might have handling your webpages. Moreover, you will find there’s a detailed FAQ base in addition to a number of step–by–step instructional videos that address the most frequent queries and troubles. Our company offers a 60–minute reply–back time period warranty, however, most of the time siteHostel’s customer support associates can respond inside thirty minutes.

24/7 Support